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 When I gave birth to my two children, a dear relative visited at the hospital with a generous baby gift.  She brought each of my children a box of baby socks.  I was grateful and a little confused at the same time.  Baby socks?  Okay, I thought, figuring that just about everyone on the planet had more knowledge about dressing babies than I did, I trusted her. 

Well, the socks came in handy, because I didn't think to register for them.  I dressed my babies in these cute little socks in colors that matched their different outfits.  Everywhere we went, strangers would compliment me on their adorable little socks and ask me where I purchased them. 

Lesson learned.  Trust your relatives, well, maybe not all of them.  Use your judgment.   

So, if you are looking for a selection of fashionable and sweet baby socks for boys and girls, Trumpette baby socks are the answer.  Whether you're looking for your own little ones, or for a baby shower or new baby gift.  Each set contains six pair of different color socks which arrive in a clever little shoebox.












After I gave birth to my children, a dear relative brought the gift of a box of socks for each of them to the hospital.  At the time, I was very grateful.  But  knowing nothing about motherhood or dressing babies, I wondered...baby socks...okay.  I figured that pretty much everyone knew more about dressing babies so I trusted the relative.  As my kids wore the socks with matching outfits, I began to understand.  We didn't go anywhere without strangers complimenting me and asking where I purchased the adorable baby socks.  So, basically, trust in your relatives.  Well, maybe not all your relatives.  Use your judgment. 

So, if you are looking for absolutely adorable baby socks, for your own little one or as a baby shower or new baby gift, look no further.  Trumpette Baby socks are wonderfully sweet, quality baby socks that make a wonderful addition to the wardrobe of your favorite little one.  Each little shoe box containes a set of 6 of the same style baby socks in different colors. 


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